Of developers' time is spent understanding existing code.

Huge, isn't it?

Deep Algo is the first code mining API to speed up and secure your IT projects

We believe we can drastically reduce this pain and the time spent on it by designing a code analysis tool that is fully automated, customizable and easy to integrate in DevOps environments.


Our Product

Featured documentation

Understand your business
Forcast your business changes effort
Assess your functional risks

Connect to your git repo and we do the rest

Automatically generated documentation

Control level of details

Data flow view to focus investigations

Forecast impacts effects

Select the scope of interest

Filter impacts to fine tune your estimated efforts

Don't miss a functional change

Our Technology

8 Years of Research.

A Unique Language Meta Model

We did our Minimum Viable Product on the Java language. Nevertheless, our technology is agnostic neither to the computer language nor to the nature of the business it deals with.

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Modern AI

We use AI Technics to identify precisely in the source code what is relevant for business purposes.

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Bleeding edge DevOps Technics

We automate everything. From our own developments to your day to day use of Deep Algo by automating all our algorithm in a highly traceable pipeline.

Our partners