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An automatic Continuous Business Logic Documentation

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  • Automatic algorithms extraction.
  • Search key concepts.
  • Find algorithms.
  • Navigate Business logic.

Benefits of Deep Algo SaaS Solution

  • Understand your application without technical knowledge.
  • Gain agility with automatic updated documentation.
  • A cost effective solution instantly, from day one.

Deep Algo for IT Innovation Makers

  • New Joiner : speed up your onboarding process.
  • Support : quickly identify cause of incidents.
  • Application evolutions : specify new functionalities more easily.
  • Application corrections :  challenge and correct new development step by step.
  • Merger and acquisition : assess exactly the targeted application.
  • Collaborative tools : common visualization for Business & Technical teams.

Deep Algo shares its Technology with you

Project ChromeProject Chromium

Chromium Browser

Deep Algo has completely scanned the code and automatically extracted all algorithms.
It enables you to view all the algorithms of one of the world’s best known open source code: Chromium browser.


Chromium Browser
  • • 1,7 million C++ lines of code.
  • • 37,000 keywords and more than 10,000 files.
  • • A community of thousands of developers who co-operate in the Chromium Projects.

Project PokerProject Poker

  • Do you want to discover
  • how a Poker game
  • really works?


Browse the code algorithms of a Poker game.


Deep Algo has developed a disruptive technology. It’s an automatic extraction and a simple visualization of the Algorithms embedded in the code.

Deep Algo technology can deal with very large and complex applications.

Our technology is a scalable platform which combines a robot to extract algorithms, our unique algorithm-ranking algorithm and Big Data visualization.

Based on this technology, Deep Algo provides an automatic Continuous Business Logic Documentation as a SaaS Solution.


Welcome to the Algorithm Economy!

Following Big Data, the next digital revolution will be the Algorithm Economy.

Today, we are already surrounded by sophisticated algorithms: smartphone apps, connected products, etc.

Algorithms have an impact on our day-to-day decisions: advertising personalization, product recommendations, travel organization ,etc.

Algorithms are what make the best-performing companies so successful. Google, Facebook, Criteo, Amazon and Netflix were all built on algorithms, etc.

Algorithms represent assets to a company, which can be traded on a market in which billions of algorithms will be available for sale or licensing.

Deep Algo unique algorithm-ranking algorithm places Deep Algo at the forefront of the Algorithm Economy.


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