Our story

Picto story

Deep Algo’s story begins with a vision:“Algorithms embedded in source code are the company’s real intelligence.”

This vision was shared by Olivier Hémar and Xavier Lagarrigue (co-founders of an IT company), and Jérôme Forêt (one of their employees).

Deep Algo was launched at the beginning of 2016 with the aim of making algorithms valuable.

Deep Algo’s DataScience experts have succeeded in automatically extracting algorithms from source code and representing them in an understandable and readable format in English.

Deep Algo Demo feedbacks have exceeded initial expectations.
Not only do developers have better control of their existing code but above all, a small revolution, business teams also understand what is happening in the code!

Deep Algo allows the Business and IT teams, whose IT Innovation projects accelerate with digitization, to work better together.
After a long phase of R & D and Beta-Test, Deep Algo has begun to be sold in SaaS early 2017.

The Deep Algo team is now composed of 6 people based in Paris.

A French Data Science startup
with an experienced and multi-disciplinary team.

My real challenge?

"Play a major role in the new algorithm economy!"


Xavier Lagarrigue CEO - Serial entrepreneur

My real face?

"I'm a technophile, with a passion for entrepreneurship."


Olivier Hemar COO - Serial entrepreneur

My Battle ?

"Replace the gym room at the office with a music one."


Jérôme Foret Chief Research Officer - Robotic PhD

My hidden talent?

"My artistic flair including drawing"

Jany Belluz R&D

My guilty pleasure?

"Go shopping in electronics stores instead of visiting when I'm on vacation abroad"

Julien Flajollet R&D

My secret?

"Always connected even with the real world"

Geoffrey Vion Marketing & Digital


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