A unique API that brings you code mining from A to Z.

Our API uses JSON-API standards except for the search API that is a bispoke REST API.

Unified Meta Model (UMM)

  • Impacts and dependencies is the raw data we use to provide the complete impact analysis tool you can experience on Deep Algo platform. This kind of information allows drawing any kind of standard UML diagrams such as class diagrams, methods sequence call and so on. And yet we go beyond: for instance drawing a class diagram will let you not only have the explicit relationships between two classes but also impicit ones lying in implementation.
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  • Find any instruction most IDE allow to search for classes files, etc .. but rare are those allowing to search for specific annotation for instance or more globally for specific kind instructions. In our search engine, the entire Unified Meta Model is indexed and henceforth benefits from a strong sementization.
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  • Find documents ... comming up
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  • Class impacts graphThis is the graph we use to provide you the impact analysis tool that let your forecast your efforts.
  • Methods impacts graph ... comming up
  • Activity graphThis graph provides a visualizable activity of any method
  • Data-flow graphThis graph provides the flow of avery variable in a method. It is the raw data used to perform any validation process on variable states. At Deep Algo we use these graphs to automatically explain how a variable is computed and therefore generated the documentation.
  • Inlined data-flow graphs ... comming up
  • Inlined logical graph ... comming up
  • Clustered data-flow graph ... comming up


  • Automatically generated doc ... comming up
  • Mathematical expressions, graphs, related documents ... comming up

Posts and Comment

  • Annotate any resource (meta-model, graph, document) ... comming up