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Company What is Deep Algo?

A unique technology to automatically extract the algorithms from the code and represent them in a simple format.

Deep Algo offers an algorithm vizualization solution for Business managers.

A SaaS solution to visualize, understand and correct the data journey embedded in your applications.

Company How can I contact Deep Algo Team ?

For Global question (media, partnership,….), you can field the Contact form.
About technical issues, you can send an email at support@deepalgo.com

Algorithms What is an Algorithm?

An algorithm is a finite and unambiguous set of operations or instructions used to solve a problem or obtain a result.
Quite simply, an algorithm is a method used to obtain a result. A recipe could therefore be classed as an Algorithm…

Technology From which language(s) can your Technology extract Algorithms?

Deep Algo can extract the Algorithms from source codes written in Java,C++ and C#.
Technology is continuing to develop and new languages will therefore be added to this list on a regular basis.

Technology How can you guarantee the quality and accuracy of your extraction?

Deep Algo’s functional tests ensure that the extraction process saves all information in the source code and does not modify it.

Technology How do you link the Algorithms and the source code?

Our extraction process uses the raw data from the source code (method names, references between types…) and extracts the algorithms from them. Deep Algo just maintains the link between the result and the source code which provided it.

Technology What do you do with any comments found in the source code?

Comments are not taken into account.

Technology How do you extract the algorithms?

Our technology is based on a unique approach which combines a robot to extract Business Logic, our unique algorithm-ranking algorithm and Big Data Visualization.

Showcase What can I search for using the search bar?

You can enter 1 word, an expression or code.

Showcase Is this a standard representation system for algorithms?

No, in fact there is no standard representation system for algorithms.
Deep Algo uses certain aspects of the Unified Modelling Language standard: UML. UML is a graphic modelling language based on icons designed to provide a standard system to visualise a system design.
By using a readable format in English ICAO (Input – Conditions – Actions – Output), Deep Algo remains accessible to beginners.

Showcase Can I use the data that I find in the Showcase projects?

Yes, as our showcase projects use open source code or code belonging to Deep Algo.

Showcase How can I contribute?

Deep Algo is just getting started. We welcome any contributions.
You can send us your comments via the contact form or feature for free your Open Source Project
in our Showcase.