Job Offer : Lead full-stack developer and architect

Deep Algo is looking for a great developer who wants to be involved in a high potential startup!
« We make non coders understand code ».
Deep algo extracts the algorithms automatically from the code and represents them in a simple format understandable by anyone.
We are a French Data Science startup that innovatesin fields like software understanding, UI and UX for graph exploration, automatic text generation (NLP/NLG) and interactive static code analysis.

It’s an exciting moment to join our team! We are at the end of the first R&D stage and close to launch our solution on both French and US Markets. We have been selected to the Impact USA program from Business France and BPI.


What will you do?
As part of a team in charge of developing the product as a SaaS, your missions is :

  • Lead the design, development, and testing of our Web front-end
    • Be involved in the UX/UI designs and specifications
    • Develop Graph data visualization with GoJS
    • Integrate into a Single Page Application using up-to-date JS frameworks (Webpack, ES6 Promises, Riot.js, HTML5, SCSS, JSONAPI,…)
    • Propose, setup and implement a solution for view tests
  • Collaborate on our back end services and our custom technology:
    • Develop micro services in Ruby for graph exploration, search and indexing with MongoDB and Elasticsearch.
    • Contribute to and review Core Deep Algo algorithms for Code Analysis, Data flow extraction,….


Do you fit for this mission?
You must thrive in a start-up environment, be proactive, detail oriented and eager to learn and keepup with an evolving product landscape.
Having graduated with a master degree in Software Engineering or equivalent, you have at least 2/4 years experience in full-stack web development with a JavaScript Front-End (React, Ember or Angular, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, …) and a Ruby back-end (Sinatra or Rails) or another dynamic language (Python with Django, …).
The most important is your experience in OOP development, your passion for coding and your autonomy: you will be our leader!
Curious and dynamic, you will have the opportunity to make your own technical choices. You have developed ergonomic and efficient interfaces in a user-oriented way and, today, you are seeking to leading the developments of a global product.
You are interested in new technologies such as data mining, AI, Machine Learning, language theory, graph mining,… Interest in open Source



  • Strong experience in frontend issues at large
  • Strong knowledge in dynamic languages (Ruby, Javascript…)
  • Experience with NoSQL technologies (MongoDB, Elasticsearch…)
  • Experience with Linux, git
  • Work with front-end test frameworks (cabybara…)
  • Work with data visualization and graph solutions (GoJS, D3, Neo4j…)
  • Work with micro-service cloud architecture
  • Work with Docker, GitLab, AWS and all associated modern technologies
  • Good communication skills in English.

It’s important!


How to apply?

Send us an email with your resume to